Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Write an Awesome Real Estate Blog!

You already know how important blogging is to your marketing efforts; after all, that’s why you’re here on ActiveRain. But do you know how to write a truly effective blog? The key is to write about something that readers find interesting. It can be humorous, educational or purely promotional but above all it must be engaging. Regardless of how insightful and helpful your subject may be, if it’s boring readers won’t make it past the first paragraph. So what’s the secret to a successful blogging campaign? Here are 5 tips that are guaranteed to make you a modern day Hemingway!

Create a Schedule and Stick to It!
One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make is inconsistency. It is vital to develop a posting schedule and to keep it. Look at it this way: remember that irritating commercial that came on so many times during your favorite show that you can almost repeat every line? Whether you like what was being advertised or not one thing is for sure, you still remember the name of the company, don’t you? That means that the commercial was successful.

You have a big advantage over that irritating and repetitive commercial; each of your blogs is different. The point that I’m trying to make here is that repetition works. Even though each blog that you write is unique there are a few things that never change i.e. your name and phone number! It’s a simple technique that has been proven time and time again. Create a schedule that you can maintain and stay the course. You will eventually reap the rewards of your efforts, guaranteed.

Write What You Know
The next obvious question is “Fine, but WHAT do I write about?” This is easier than you think. The answer is simple, write about what you know, what you have personal experience with. Are short sales your niche? Then write about it! Did your closing last Friday not go quite as planned? Tell your story! You are sure to find many readers with similar experiences and they will understand exactly what you’re talking about! When you are genuine and speak from your personal experience readers will be able to tell. Sincerity is what makes reading your story so unique and that is exactly what your goal should be.

Let Clients and Readers be Your Guide
One way to ensure that what you’re writing about is of interest to others is to address their issues in your blog. Do you get a lot of questions about how to finance a home purchase? Bingo! Do home sellers often ask about how long it really takes to sell a home in their area? Sounds like a great topic to me! Deal with issues that you already know others are interested in and you are on the right track.

Be Involved with Your Communities
Writing about the areas that you represent is always a great approach. Why not feature the local home owners associations or write about those new homes being built across from the mall? If you become the expert in your local area you will be the person to buy a home from, right? After all, you can answer all of those questions that home seekers have therefore you can be trusted. You are an authority, you are the “go to” person in the area and that is what clients are looking for. Professionalism and knowledge will take you to the top!

Combine Your Efforts and Get Better Results
Now that you’ve gone through all the trouble to write that award winning blog it’s time to get it out there. Don’t restrict yourself to just one marketing source. We all know that Active Rain is a wonderful place to “get the word out” but there are other ways to increase viewers. Why not post your blog on other sites as well? I say write it once and post it 10 times! What about a daily, weekly or monthly email campaign that highlights points of interest to clients and prospective buyers/sellers? Did I mention Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social marketing sites? Make the most of the time you spend creating this great marketing tool and share it with as many people as possible. It’s all about the numbers and the more people that see your blog, the more your business will thrive!

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