Monday, September 9, 2013

I want the scariest house on the block this Halloween!

I don’t know about boo you but Halloween is my second favorite holiday! I’ve always loved the scary movies on TV and going to the local “haunted house” for a good healthy scare! Things have changed over time and now I enjoy just watching all the cute little “princesses” and scary little “vampires”. I look forward to October 31st every year and I know I will always have a great fright night right along with all of the little “boils” and “ghouls”.

Halloween is already becoming a theme this year on the internet and I happened to read a few good articles about how to decorate to make your home the scariest on the block. These are my 5 favorite suggestions and I thought I would “pass on” this information to you! Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one; I don’t know what “possessed” me.

Bloody Glass
What could be scarier than blood stained hand prints and red streaks all over a window or glass door? Surely something terrible must have happened here to leave such a nightmarish mess! All you need for this one is a little imagination and some red glass paint at the local craft store. After Halloween cleaning the “crime scene” is a breeze as this type of paint just peels off after it dries.

Hanging Body Parts
This will help to explain all of that blood on the window! It’s a treacherous journey across the porch with all of those body parts hanging from the roof! This is easier to do than you might think. You can actually create your own plaster body parts using some (you guessed it) plaster gauze. You’ll need a patient friend for this one. Simply pick what body parts you want to create and get started!

First apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly over your friend’s hand, foot, etc. and then dip the gauze in warm water and start wrapping. After 30 minutes or so the gauze will dry and you can simply cut it in half to remove it. Then you will sew it back together with black yarn to give the impression of “stitches”.  Add some of the red window paint (from above) or anything red to emulate blood stains and there you go. As a safety note the petroleum jelly is necessary to protect the skin from overheating and “stuck” hairs! Don’t worry, this is completely safe if you do it right.

Broken Glass
As you already know all haunted houses have broken windows, right? Frosted contact paper is the secret here and will give you very realistic looking broken windows! All you need to do is cut out some holes with jagged edges from the contact paper and cover the entire window with it.

Mummy Heads
Maybe these are the heads that belong to those body parts hanging on the porch? This one’s pretty simple to do too. All you need is a couple of mannequin heads from a local fashion or jewelry supply store. Wrap them with gauze and leave only the eyes exposed – creepy. The rest is up to you. Maybe they could be sitting on the steps “guarding” you from unwelcome visitors or mounted to the top of a bloody pike? Who’s to say how this couple met their untimely end?

Creepy Drapes
Create a dramatic entry on your porch or front door by hanging some very ghoulish looking drapes. An 8 foot strip of cheese cloth will do the trick. Soak it in tea overnight to give it that “grungy” look and then staple it to some very thin loose strips of wood that you can tack up over the porch entrance. You could of course staple it directly to the porch or doorway or even use tacks to hold it in place.

Next simply cut it into strips and cut out some holes as well. Give it that authentic tattered and worn look by tearing some of the strips as well. What better entrance could there be to the most haunted house on the block?

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