Friday, August 30, 2013

Are Security Cameras Becoming the Newest Home Trend?

Today more than ever before it is necessary for both parents to work. Long gone are the days of the bread winning dad and the stay at home mom. Of course you already know this but if you are one of those parents you know all too well that the modern family faces a whole new set of challenges that simply didn’t exist for the last generation.


We’ve all heard the horror stories of the abusive baby sitter or nanny and what about the thieving maid or house helper that “helps themselves” a bit too much? With both parents out of the home and often working long hours even our teenagers left unattended are prone to mischief. So what’s the solution?


Today more and more working couples are relying on home security cameras as a way of monitoring their abode even when they are not there. This technology has become more affordable than ever before and inexpensive DIY systems can be bought at the local home improvement center or on the internet for a few hundred dollars or even less. More importantly parents and homeowners can now see live video of their homes anywhere there is an internet connection.


The question now becomes “Is this ethical?”  Is it really OK to watch the pool man as he goes about his business or to “spy” on the babysitter while she tends to little Johnny? Well, you might not be surprised to learn that most homeowners feel that it is entirely acceptable while the teenagers and house workers are less than thrilled by the proposition. 


If you decide to install security cameras in your home here are a few common sense suggestions.


Obviously you would never install a camera in private places such as a bathroom or bedroom. I know that sounds silly but it has been done and law suits have been filed. If you are installing cameras outside of your home as well be sure that you are not “seeing” into your neighbor’s yard or home. It might be a good idea to let them see for themselves that their privacy is not being infringed upon.


Be sure to inform everyone involved of the decision before installing the equipment. It’s only a matter of common courtesy to explain to the babysitter, house helper or gardener that you are going to have surveillance installed. Take the time to explain why and make certain they understand that you don’t suspect them of any wrongdoing. Once they understand that this is just another way to secure your home and it is nothing personal they will feel much more comfortable about the situation and won’t feel that you have “trust issues” with them. If you do have trust issues with them than your problem is much more serious than not insulting them by installing security cameras.


I’d like to know your opinion of home surveillance systems. Is it fair to domestic helpers or is it not?


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