Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 Ways to Get That Home Sold NOW!

Double Check the Asking Price
Price is the #1 consideration for interested buyers. No matter how nice the home if it seems over priced prospective buyers will look for what they consider to be a better deal. One strategy is to offer the home for a little less than what it’s worth. That should get some attention if time is of the essence.

Choose the Right Agent
Be certain that your listing agent is totally familiar with the area and is tech savvy. A well informed agent with the proper marketing tools will make all the difference in the world when it comes to selling your home.

Show Ample Storage Space
Whether you have a lot of closet space or a little, it is important to give the “impression” of adequate storage space. Even the largest of closets look small if they are crammed full of goodies. Find a way to store some of the extra items in your closets and storage areas elsewhere so that your home has the appearance of extra space.

Give Rover a Vacation
It is always best to have any pets out of the home during a showing if at all possible. Pet hair, smelly kitty litter and dog toys strewn about the front room are not a selling point. It’s also possible that interested parties are allergic to your pets. Find a place to send your furry friends when you have an appointment with a possible buyer.

Making it Bright is Always Right
A bright home is cheery and actually seems cleaner. No one likes a dark or dingy home. Nix the drapes, add brighter bulbs, clean the windows, etc. The better lit your home is, the more attractive it will be to buyers.

Your Kitchen is the Key to Success
Here is a saying that’s true of all homes for sale regardless of the price range: “You’re selling your kitchen, not your home”! Believe it! All buyers want a nice kitchen, period. Do anything and everything you can to make your kitchen as bright, spacious and attractive as possible. If you have the financial means buy 1 new high quality appliance. Why? When buyers see one expensive appliance in a kitchen they assume that all of the appliances are top notch. It’s a matter of creating the right impression.

Little Things Mean a Lot
Investing big money into your home in order to sell it usually doesn’t pay off. Concentrate instead on the simple improvements. Fresh paint, clean curtains, new shiny kitchen cabinet handles, waxed hardwood floors, you get the picture. A little effort and a small investment can go a long way in helping to sell your home.

Eliminate “Personal” Touches
The object of showing your home is to give buyers the opportunity to imagine how it would be if they live there, not you.
You might adore that bear skin rug on the family room floor but they may not. Make your home as neutral as possible and remove or store as many personal items as possible. Family pictures, those knick knacks from Mexico and that knitted blanket from grandma are better off out of sight. Rearranging the furniture to give the most spacious “feel” to your home is also a good idea.

24 -7
Keep your home in tip top condition at all times. It should be neat, organized and clean and you should be available to show it at any reasonable time. You never know when the next owner is going to walk through that door. Sure, this can be inconvenient but the object is to sell your home as soon as possible, right?

A First Impression Happens Only Once
Remember, the first thing that prospective buyers will see is the outside of your house. Take the time to make sure that your home’s exterior is as inviting as the interior. Curb appeal counts and is your first and possibly only opportunity to impress.

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