Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The D.I.Y. Way to Beautify Your Home with Frosted Glass Windows

Have you ever seen frosted windows and thought how great they would look in your home? We all know that frosted windows can be rather expensive but there is a way to do it yourself at a fraction of what you would spend to pay a professional and the results are stunning!

Frosted glass prevents prying eyes from seeing into your home, helps to reduce sun damage on furniture and other household items and even helps to keep your home cooler on sunny days. Most importantly your home will have a distinguished “classy” look that sets it apart from the crowd and will increase in value. This is a project that is well worth considering.

Your first step is easy enough. Begin by removing the window from the frame and give it a thorough cleaning. It’s important for the glass to be perfectly clean before you begin. Use a lint free cloth to clean the glass and be careful not to leave any fingerprints.

Next you will need to mask the window entirely to ensure that the spray you will be using doesn’t go anywhere you don’t want it to be. The easiest way to wrap the window is to use newspaper and masking tape. Wrap the window frame using the paper and hold it in place with the tape.
If you want to get fancy this is your chance! You can use an exacto knife to cut out shapes in the tape and stick the homemade templates on the windows to create a pattern on the glass. You can also buy templates to do the same thing. Your imagination is the only limit here. It could be as simple as the first letter of your last name or as complicated a pattern as you wish. Of course, a frosted window without any type of designs is also very attractive.  In either case you are ready to get started.

Spray away! You can buy spray cans of frosted glass spray at all major home improvement outlets or on the internet. To avoid inhaling the fumes when applying the “frost” it’s easier (and less messy) to spray the window outdoors. Place newspaper, a plastic tarp or maybe an old sheet under the window and you’re ready to begin. Make sure it’s not too windy so that you can spray without a problem and be sure to wear gloves and eye protection.
It’s best to add 3 coats to the window to ensure good coverage. You will only need 10 or 15 minutes drying time in between applications and spray from a different direction each time for an “even” smooth end result i.e. top to bottom, right to left and diagonally. This process is very quick and quite easy for almost anyone to do well.

Allow the window(s) to dry overnight and then remove the newspaper that you wrapped the frame with. Give it a good once over and remove any excess spray that may have leaked or gotten where it didn’t belong with a soft cloth. Replace the window and you’re done! Now you have beautiful frosted glass in your windows that will last for years and no expensive contractor bill to worry about.

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