Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jen Fariello Photography-Surely the BEST!

Come one come all it's The Best of Cville 2013 time! We love this time of year in Cville! Everyone can do to this website and nominate their favorite vendors, photographers, designers, breakfast places, bars, stores, etc etc etc for the award of Best ______ of Cville! Once the nominating is done then the final ballot is released and everyone votes! It's really exciting to see the Best of Cville stickers go up on store fronts all over town every year!

We have lots of friends and favorites here in Cville. The first one we would like to mention is Jen Fariello. Jen is an amazing photographer that has been featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, MANY other famous wedding magazines and has won Best Photographer in Cville MANY times! She really is amazing.

Jen recently took some fantastic photos of our company! Check a few of them out here:

These are just a SMALL sampling of the amazing work that Jen did for our company. She was so easy to work with, accommodating, friendly, and really put us all at ease! None of us are professional models but Jen truly made us feel special and like experts! She was creative, funny, and patient as we spent time with her having pictures taken. We would recommend Jen to anyone we came in contact with! Her wedding photography is simply stunning, her portraits are incredible, and her baby portraits will make even the grumpiest face smile! 

If you EVER need photos taken please check out Jen's website and contact her!

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