Thursday, January 3, 2013

Do you like a blast of COLOR or more Timeless Beauty??

To say that I see a lot of homes is an understatement. I see...a LOT...of homes. Some are so void of character and such a clean slate that it takes an imagination to actually SEE yourself living there. Word of advice, neutral is not always good. It can be rather bland and a turn off. Others are so out of this world that you are curious as to which drugs the person was on when they came up with that color scheme! Some haven't been touched since before I was even born...others are a really bad hodgepodge of old and new. Every home I go into is a new experience. What will I find? Will I fall in love or will the shock factor run me straight out of the house hoping to forget? In the past year or so I have seen a change in what people are looking for. It really is funny to me as we went from very traditional to "cheap" bold. Corrugated metal on the ceiling? Really?? Particle board going up the stairs on $500k+ homes because it's "recycled"? I'm sorry but I'm not buying it... I will see the most amazing home that is fully updated and perfect for a client based on their needs analysis, but it doesn't have bold colors and cheap finishes that "look" hip and have that WOW factor. Very easy to add color by the way. ;) ::sigh:: I'll take the same client by another home that has original counters and cabinets (typically from the 70's), bright colors and some Ikea style touches that make it "look" modern even though the whole thing needs to be rehabbed and they are ready to write an offer right then and there. What in the.......!@#I*@$( It's my JOB to NOT let them (and I don't) buy that home. I give them permission to hate me, (but promise I will deliver the goods...just have patience). We go back through their "must haves" and it always works out. :) It does make me curious though. I am on the brink of another kitchen remodel. I know what I like and what I am thinking, but what do YOU prefer? Do you like the timeless traditional colors or more modern and outrageous? A mix maybe? Do you like traditional with a touch of flair? Check out the latest article in Houzz and I would love your feedback! Help me help you! Cheers, V

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