Friday, January 4, 2013

Do you ever need a Vacation after a Vacation?

Thanksgiving...Christmas...New it is time to get back into gear for 2013 as it is already upon us. For my yearly ritual (and I suggest you do this too), I purchase a BIG calendar and I mark off my educational weeks, vacation weeks and holidays. I schedule work, family and personal time. Those times get a permanent marker so they DO NOT CHANGE as they are essential to my personal, spiritual and professional growth and well being! I have all of those dates blocked off, but now what do I do?
 Pinterest makes me hungry or I want to buy a whole bunch of furniture to make my home look like a Bahamian oasis. 
I think my new favorite Facebook page is Luxury Experience!  That oasis below does look amazing... Photo: Necker island  I would hate to show up randomly on the Rich Kids of Instagram blog though.  Wow.  They DO have a lot of fun though! 

Now it's time to plan a vacation though so I can get back and need yet another...vacation.  Do you have any suggestions for some great places to go or how to get over the post vacation blues?  Would LOVE to hear where you like to get away and how you recalibrate upon return!


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